Current Pricing:

Free introductory sessions and Saturday community class! We encourage you to come check us out, whether its your first time or you are an experienced CrossFit athlete.

Unlimited Membership$155 a month (Couples and Family rates Apply) Includes: CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Running Endurance, ExtraCompetitors Work, and Open Gym

3 Day Membership$115 a month-Includes: A combination of three classes per week CrossFit or Open gym sessions each count as one individual class.

Drop in - fee for classes - $20 or CrossFit Visalia T-Shirt!

Private Training Sessions - Available upon request, can target training to increase sport specific ability and performance i.e Football, Baseball, Powerlifting, Soccer, Track&Field, Water polo, Swimming, Softball, Motocross, Extreme sports etc.

We will also be offering STUDENT, MILITARY, LEO, FIRE, or AMBULANCE DISCOUNTS off of the unlimited membership plan.


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